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B.F. Hurley Mat Company

Hurley Mat Company

Kleen-Tex Industries Acquires B.F. Hurley Mat Company

Kleen-Tex Industries, Inc. (Atlanta, GA), a 50-year-old family business, is pleased to announce the acquisition of B.F. Hurley Mat Company (Tampa, FL), a 71-year-old family business on December 15, 2017.

Located in South Tampa, FL, the B.F. Hurley Mat Company has been making mats for businesses, schools, government and the military for over seven decades. The business was started by Ben Hurley and family shortly after World War II in 1946, and has been family owned and operated ever since.  The three owners, siblings Richard (84), Valerie (86), and Mike (71), decided it was time to retire, and were delighted to find another family business to sell to. “Everyone at Hurley Mat is so excited about the acquisition,” stated Valarie. “It’s incredible that we will stay in the Tampa area and we can continue our long tradition.”

The three former owners will continue to work with Kleen-Tex and the Hurley business during a short transition time, and will then enjoy a well-deserved retirement after many decades of service.  Two other Hurley family members -- John and Cheryl -- who have each been with the business for over thirty years, will continue working with the company.

Ben Hurley recognized early on that customers had a keen interest in having their logos, mascots, emblems and insignia incorporated into their entrance matting, and sought a way to accomplish this. With artistic and mechanical breakthroughs, it became possible to incorporate practically any design or logo into Hurley’s new “Luxo-Link” mats. Made up of individual, colored vinyl links, which are hand placed and then wired together, Hurley created an extremely durable product that combined esthetics, function and utility. Hurley specializes in manufacturing extra-large outdoor graphic mats, although the mats are often used indoors as well. Hurley remains the leader in the production of custom vinyl link matting, selling to all 50 states, as well as to many military and diplomatic installations globally.

Many of the Hurleys are military veterans and proud to be able to offer a custom, 100% American made product that is hand-made and built to last. “They last so long!” said Valerie, who noted that Hurley often gets repeat orders for mats that are 20 to 30 years old – not because they have worn out, but because the logo has been updated or a number has been changed.

When the Hurley owners determined it was time to retire, they decided to sell the business, and began a search for a buyer who held their same values and would continue to provide Hurley customers with the same high-quality products and service they were accustomed to. Kleen-Tex quickly recognized the potential of Hurley Mat Co. and knew the company would fit nicely into Kleen-Tex’s vision of providing exceptional quality mats and distinguished brands. Hurley ‘s high-quality products, well-known name in vinyl link mats, and strong customer channels was a natural fit.

Hurley Mat Co. will remain an independent operating company, and remain in Tampa, Florida, which is home for all their employees. Kleen-Tex will help expand Hurley’s marketing programs, product range, and international reach, all of which should enhance future growth and continued success of the Hurley brand.

Kleen-Tex is an internationally operated, family owned company that manufactures a wide variety of industrial mats such as entrance, logo, anti-fatigue, scraper mats, as well as designer mats for the home. They have locations in eight countries/five continents, including Japan, Thailand, Austria, Poland, the UK, South Africa, Brazil, and the US. Bruce Howard, CEO of Kleen-Tex, stated, “This is an important development as both of our companies look to expand our product offerings into additional sales channels. We see Hurley and its long-term employees as a good cultural fit within our global family of businesses and we look forward to having the Hurley team join ours.”